You need a hard rock and metal playlist for the weekend, and we've got you covered! Every Friday, we'll refresh this playlist with new songs released during the week, mixed in with tracks heard over the last couple months and tease albums that have yet to come out. Weekly Wire covers all styles of rock and metal — don't be bashful.

Artists With New Albums Out - May 10:
Abnormality - Sociopathic Constructs (Metal Blade)
The Accused A.D. - The Ghoul In The Mirror (Blackhouse)
Albez Duz - Enigmatic Rites (Listenable)
Arch/Matheos - Winter Ethereal (Metal Blade)
Big|Brave - A Gaze Among Them (Southern Lord)
BillyBio - Freedom's Never Free EP (Bridge Nine)
Borders - Purify (Long Branch)
Danny Worsnop - Shades Of Blue (Sumerian)
Defeater - Defeater (Epitaph)
Dreadnought - Emergence (Profound Lore)
Employed To Serve - Eternal Forward Motion (Spinefarm)
Martyrdod - Hexhammaren (Southern Lord)
Possessed - Revelations Of Oblivion (Nuclear Blast)
Spirit Adrift - Divided By Darkness (20 Buck Spin)
Tengger Cavalry - Northern Memory (Self)
Whitesnake - Flesh & Blood (Frontiers)
Zig Zags - They'll Never Take Us Alive (RidingEasy)

Here's what just came out and is coming out in the Weekly Wire Spotify playlist below.

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