Today's video of the day celebrates the birth of Ministry mastermind Al Jourgensen! The industrial pioneer turns 55 today (Oct. 9) and we pay tribute by looking back at the politically charged clip for 'No W.'

During the years that George W. Bush occupied the Oval Office as President of the United States, a tidal wave of dissension hit from both the mainstream and underground music communities. However, few musicians attacked Bush with the vitriol of Al Jourgensen, as the Ministry mainman released the three full anti-Bush albums, 'Houses of the Molé,' 'Rio Grande Blood' and 'The Last Sucker' during the former President's time in office.

'No W' is featured on 'Houses of the Molé,' but this remixed version of the song debuted on Ministry's 'Rantology' album. Along with vocal samples taken from George W. Bush himself, the song's 'Rantology' version uses perfectly placed samples from Carl Orff's iconic 'Carmina Burana' cantata in both the piece's intro and main riff.

As for the music video itself, the raw 'No W' clip features a cartoonish George W. Bush figure, while Jourgensen's lyrics are complemented by visual aids. Although Jourgensen's rapid-fire vocal approach races his words past your senses, the 'No W' video presents the viewer with the track's most pertinent information.

Happy 55th birthday to Al Jourgensen! Watch Ministry's official music video for 'No W' above.