Beak made some inroads with their 2012 debut EP 'Eyrie,' and now the Chicago post-metal quartet are stepping up with their first full-length album, 'Let Time Begin.'

The band has announced a Sept. 23 street date for the disc, which will be released by Someoddpilot Records. Frontman-guitarist Jon Slusher states, "'Let Time Begin' is the Big Bang, The Fall of Man, the Unnamable; it's our interpretation of the universe." The disc itself is a conceptual release, following the journey from chaos to the birth of consciousness.

Slusher adds, "It is a concept record that evolves sonically from 'Eyrie' with more concise composition and a new pallet of alternating violence, tranquility and melody. We ramped up the primal and pounding rhythm section. We've appropriated vocoding into the mix and we have pioneered new ways to tear out our throats."

The band made use of their hometown, setting up shop at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studios and John McEntire's Soma Studios to lay down the tracks for the album. They self-produced the eight-song collection, which is now en route for a Sept. 23 release. Pre-order info for the album will be announced shortly.

Beak, 'Let Time Begin' Track Listing:

1.'Souls in Streams'
2.'Light Outside'
3.'The Breath of Universe'
4.'Let Time Begin'
5.'Into the Light'
6.'Carry a Fire'
7.'Over the Shelter, The Morning Breaks'
8.'Fiery They Rose'